Strength training for swimmers

CrossFit Swimming is for those who enjoy swimming but also for those who want to get more from their training, and for those who want to feel stronger when they are swimming, and in this respect, CrossFit can help you. What people need to understand is that CrossFit works every part of the body therefore when you train using CrossFit you are able to use your muscles much more effectively.

Strength training

Strength training should focus especially on the balance of the musculature with respect to different parts and sides of the body, as well as optimizing functionality and keeping joints healthy.

Adequate mobility and movement control (stability) must be considered first. Through the right business models, it is safe to move towards species-specific business performance in the development of power properties.

The classifications of force characteristics for different movements are mainly indicative, so you can apply the movement/tool yourself to develop different force characteristics according to your needs by varying the speed of execution and the number of repetitions and resistance. See the material below compiled specifically for this subject (basics of strength training).
Swimmer’s strength training

Regular strength training is very important for a swimmer. Strength should be practised both in the pool and as a dry workout. The body produces power in different ways depending on the intensity at which the work is done. Strength training is divided into three types: speed strength, maximum strength and endurance. In training, you need to understand what strength you want to develop at any given time and choose the exercises and the duration and intensity of the exercises.

In speed force, the output of power is a one-time operation, in which case it takes about 0.1 seconds to produce a few seconds. Sometimes it can take up to 10 seconds to complete. For a swimmer, a 25-meter full swim is considered a speed exercise.

The maximum force is measured at the maximum or maximum working power of one repetition, in which case the maximum possible force is produced.

Endurance is the power to do an exercise over a long period of time, up to several minutes. Durability is produced with the help of oxygen aerobically or anaerobically, in which case lactic acid begins to accumulate in the body.

Boys develop strength qualities better than girls during adolescence, but still, strength training is part of both girls ’and boys’ training. Strength training can be done from an early age, but the age at which weight training with heavier weights begins depends on the development of the adolescent athlete. Too much strength training started too early can impair height and hinder body changes during adolescence. Swimmer’s strength training is based on sports analysis. Power generation times, power generation habits, working muscles, strength levels, trajectories, etc. determine what kind of strength training should be practised at any stage of the season. Strength training should be varied and a lot of attention should be paid to the technique so that the swimmer learns to do the exercises correctly.

CrossFit Swimmer is for those who swim already but find when they are challenged to do swimming which requires a lot of strength they struggle, if they involve CrossFit in their swimming training they will find that their strength within swimming will greatly increase. A good example in swimming where strength is really needed is when you attempt to do the butterfly stroke over a distance, if you want to better that then CrossFit can help a swimmer to be much better-equipped strength-wise in any swimming pool. Mark Spitz in his day was the Olympic champion and he always illustrated a great example of strength.

Updated: 16/06/2022 at 12:33 PM